A Brave Teen’s Prom Experience Sparks Controversy and Support

Korben White, a 16-year-old high school student, caused quite a stir on the internet when he showed up to his prom wearing a voluminous ballgown in fiery red, perfectly matching his scarlet-colored hair. His stunning outfit, consisting of a sequin-speckled tuxedo top and a flowing skirt, garnered both praise and criticism from the online community.

It all started when Korben expressed his desire to attend his school prom in a gown at the age of 12. His supportive mother, Nina Green, shared her son’s journey on social media, which quickly went viral. While many people applauded Korben’s courage and praised his unique fashion choice, others criticized his mother, blaming her for encouraging this “sort of thing.”

In a recent interview with the BBC, Green explained how Korben’s inspiration came from American actor Billy Porter, who is known for his bold fashion choices. Korben wanted to express his feminine side while remaining true to himself. As he arrived at Archbishop Sancroft High School in Harleston, Norfolk, wearing his glittering red suit combined with a white blouse and a large red bow, he was greeted with cheers and tears of joy from his fellow students and teachers alike.

Green, a strong advocate for her son, took to social media to express her pride and happiness. Her tweet, along with pictures of Korben in his spectacular prom outfit, received widespread attention. Even Michelle Visage, a judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race, praised Green for her support and called Korben a star.

While the online response was overwhelmingly positive, there were some negative comments as well. Critics argued that teens should conform to traditional gender norms and that parents who support their children’s non-conforming choices are failing them. However, Green refused to let the internet vitriol affect her. The day after the controversy erupted, she attended London Pride with Korben and shared an adorable picture of the two of them.

Despite the mixed reactions, Green hopes that her story will inspire other parents to accept and celebrate their children for who they are. She wants to create a network of support where proud parents can feel they are not alone, and where young people can find the acceptance they need.

Korben White is undeniably a brave young man who fearlessly expresses himself. He is fortunate to have a mother who stands by him, shutting out the negativity and parenting him in the best way she knows. So, what do you think about teens attending prom in outfits that defy their assigned genders at birth? Share this story and let’s hear what others have to say!