Woman Hates Son’s Bride & Wears White on Their Wedding – Son Publicly Humiliates Her the Next Day

Every woman dreams of wearing the perfect dress on her wedding day. It’s a special moment that marks the beginning of a new chapter in her life. However, in today’s story, the bride’s mother-in-law had some different intentions.

The groom’s father-in-law took to Reddit to share what happened between his wife, the bride, and the groom. He believed that his wife deserved whatever consequences came her way during the wedding ceremony.

According to him, his wife was “not a super nice person.” She occasionally bullied others, but he still felt that her presence improved his life. The problem arose when she expressed her dislike for her son’s fiancée.

“Her son got married recently, and she hates the bride, no actual reason, just hates her,” the man explained. He further revealed that his wife had joked about wearing white to the wedding, but no one took her seriously. Everyone, including the bride, thought it was just a harmless joke.

To everyone’s surprise, on the day of the wedding, the woman showed up wearing a full-length white dress. It was a deliberate act to anger the bride and steal the limelight. Despite the groom’s objections, she went ahead with her plan.

When the bride saw her mother-in-law in white, she couldn’t help but cry. She never expected her to intentionally try to upstage her on her special day. This act not only hurt the bride but also offended her son. He decided to take revenge on his mother the next day.

Knowing how much his mother loved children, the groom enlisted the help of his wife’s nephews. He instructed them to distract his mother while one of them spread chocolate frosting on her seat. The plan was to embarrass her just as she had embarrassed the bride.

Unaware of what the kids had done, the woman sat on her seat and ended up with a brown stain on her dress. Her husband watched it all unfold but didn’t say anything. He believed that she deserved it and had even warned her about the consequences of wearing white.

It took the woman hours to notice the stain, and it was her stepson who finally pointed it out to her before he left.

Upon learning what her son had done, the woman didn’t direct her anger towards him or the children. Instead, she blamed her husband for not telling her about the stain. She believed he should have been on her side.

Thinking that the drama was over, the man checked his social media accounts the next day and saw a photo posted by his son. The photo clearly showed the stain on his mother’s dress. The woman was furious and blamed her husband for not letting her know about it during the event.

Feeling confused, the man shared the story on Reddit seeking opinions on who was at fault. Some people thought he was to blame for not informing the bride and groom about his wife’s intentions. However, others believed that the woman deserved the humiliation after wearing white to her son’s wedding. Some even thought that both the husband and wife were at fault.

What do you think? Should the husband have told his wife about the stain? We would love to hear your thoughts on this story.