Usher’s “My Boo” Performance with Alicia Keys at Super Bowl Sparks Controversy

Usher Defends Controversial Hug with Alicia Keys at Super Bowl

Usher’s performance at the Super Bowl had some unexpected moments, including a special appearance by Grammy award winner Alicia Keys. The duo performed their hit song “My Boo” and during the performance, they got cozy on stage, sparking some controversy.

It’s important to note that Alicia Keys is married to renowned hip-hop producer Swizz Beatz. However, Usher revealed in an interview that he and Swizz Beatz laughed off the overreactions to their on-stage chemistry.

“We laughed about it,” Usher shared. “It’s crazy how people think. It’s all about how you present things, man, it’s all about love.”

Swizz Beatz Defends Usher and Alicia Keys

Following the performance, Swizz Beatz, Alicia Keys’ husband, took to Instagram to address the backlash and redirect the focus to the incredible performance.

“Y’all talking about the wrong thing!!!” Swizz Beatz wrote. “Y’all don’t see that amazing dress covering the entire stadium. Tonight’s performance was nothing but amazing with two amazing Giants! Congrats Usher and my love Alicia Keys. That song is a classic. We don’t do negative vibes on this side, we make history.”

Swizz Beatz’s response reminds us that it’s important to appreciate the artistry and talent displayed during the Super Bowl rather than getting caught up in unnecessary drama.

Justin Bieber’s Absence and Usher’s Support

One notable absence from Usher’s star-studded Super Bowl lineup was pop music sensation Justin Bieber. There were rumors leading up to the big game that Bieber would join Usher on stage, but it didn’t come to fruition. Usher clarified that it simply didn’t work out this time.

“You know what, it didn’t work out with Justin. I honor and recognize that my brother… I think he just wanted to tell a different story right now, and I understand that. No love lost or anything like that,” Usher explained.

Although Justin Bieber didn’t perform at this year’s Super Bowl, Usher believes that he will have the opportunity in the future. Usher confidently stated, “He’s gonna play the Super Bowl. I’ll go ahead and give you that in the future. He has a career that deserves it. It just didn’t happen this time, but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to.”

Usher’s support for Justin Bieber reassures fans that the pop star will continue to make his mark and potentially grace the Super Bowl stage in the future.