Rider Strong and Will Friedle Detail the “Grooming” Experience on “Boy Meets World” by Guest Star Brian Peck

In a recent episode of the “Pod Meets World” podcast, Rider Strong and Will Friedle, along with Danielle Fishel, had an open conversation about the troubling experience of “grooming” they encountered from Brian Peck, a guest star on the beloved show “Boy Meets World”. The trio delved into the challenging subject of “grooming”, childhood sexual abuse, and its lasting effects on victims.

Brian Peck, who appeared on “Boy Meets World” during its fifth season, is also part of the upcoming docuseries “Quiet on Set”, which sheds light on alleged abuse on various Nickelodeon sets.

Will Friedle shared that he became close with Peck soon after the actor joined “Boy Meets World”. Despite not being someone who frequented parties, Friedle explained that Peck had become a significant presence in his life, accompanying him to multiple shows even after the series ended. Both Friedle and Rider Strong attested to Peck’s excellent sense of humor and charm. However, they also noted that Peck lacked boundaries, unlike the older actors on set.

Danielle Fishel also recalled how Peck used to spend time with the younger actors on set. Fishel mentioned that Peck’s charm and jokes made him stand out. She pointed out that unlike other stand-ins, Peck regularly went out to lunch with the cast members. Fishel clarified that though Peck didn’t make as much effort to get to know her personally, he had established connections with successful and famous kids and young men in the industry. After the show ended, Fishel had no further contact with Peck.

In 2003, when Peck was first accused, he called Will Friedle and emotionally defended himself, shifting blame onto the victim. Friedle initially found it difficult to believe the accusations, as Peck’s account seemed plausible. However, as time passed, Friedle and Strong discovered that Peck had been convicted of a lewd act and oral copulation involving a minor. Despite the shocking revelations, Friedle and Strong supported Peck throughout the trial and even wrote letters to the judge.

Reflecting on the experience, Friedle acknowledged how Peck had manipulated them into unquestioningly following his lead. They were unwittingly influenced to doubt the victim’s account and side with Peck. Friedle acknowledged the existence of a genuine victim and explained that falling prey to someone who is both a skilled actor and a manipulator can be attributed to their youthful naivety. Nonetheless, they recognized the gravity of the situation and condemned Peck’s actions as truly abhorrent.

The conversation on the podcast serves as a reminder of the importance of raising awareness about grooming and its devastating effects on victims. It highlights the need for a safer environment in the entertainment industry and beyond, where individuals are protected against such manipulative and harmful behavior.