The Surprising Discovery on the Beach

Have you ever stumbled upon something interesting while taking a stroll on the beach or exploring a mountain road? A uniquely shaped rock, a fascinating tree, or maybe a beautiful seashell? Well, imagine the surprise that one little child experienced while helping his friends clean up a beach.

As he picked up what initially seemed like a peculiar rock, he couldn’t believe his eyes. If you’re curious to see more photos, make sure you read the whole story.

It all began during a scuba diving lesson on Ishigaki Island, where Serina, a Taiwanese student, was having a great time with her friends. She made sure to bring along a waterproof camera with a separate protective cover to keep it dry.

During the dive, Serina noticed that one of her friends was having trouble with her oxygen tanks, so she quickly rushed to help. Little did she know that she had lost her precious camera in the depths of the water. However, her main concern was the safety of her friend, and that brought her immense relief.

A few months later, as part of a class assignment, some students were cleaning up the beach. Among them was an 11-year-old boy who was enthusiastically collecting trash and food scraps. As he roamed the beach, he came across a peculiar rock buried in the sand.

To his surprise, this rock turned out to be more than what meets the eye. It was a camera! But the biggest surprise of all was that the camera was still working, despite the initial assumption that it would be destroyed. The students looked through the photos in hopes of identifying the owner, so they could return the device to its rightful place.

What they found was astonishing. Not only did the camera still have a significant battery percentage, but it had also managed to survive underwater remarkably well. Serina’s underwater photos caught the attention of the teacher and students, who decided to share them online. And what do you know? Serina came across the post on her news feed the very next day.

Although some of the children wanted to keep the camera, adhering to the saying “finders keepers,” Professor Lee reminded them that it wasn’t polite to look at someone else’s personal photographs. The right thing to do was to return it to its owner.

To express her gratitude and retrieve her camera, Serina will be flying from Japan to Taiwan. When the professor emailed her the photos, she was astonished by what she saw. What an incredible tale, right? The camera had traveled over 200 kilometers by the waves and ended up on a safe shore. Make sure to share this story with your loved ones!