**The New Manager’s Rules at the Senior Complex**

On her first day as the new manager at the senior complex, the new manager gathered all the seniors together to address them and introduce her rules. In a friendly tone, she explained the importance of certain boundaries within the complex.

She stated clearly, “I kindly request all males to respect the privacy of the female sleeping quarters, and likewise, all females should respect the male dormitory. It is important to maintain this separation for everyone’s comfort and peace of mind.”

To enforce these rules and ensure everyone adheres to them, the manager implemented a fine system. The first time someone is caught breaking the rule, a fine of $20 will be imposed. If the offense is repeated, the second time will cost $60. Finally, a third offense will result in a fine of $180.

After explaining the rules and the associated fines, the manager opened the floor for questions and concerns. One gentleman, known for his sense of humor, stood up and jokingly asked, “How much would a season pass cost?”

The light-hearted question brought laughter to the crowd, setting a friendly and warm atmosphere at the senior complex.