Meet Ayla Summer Mucha: The Baby With a Permanent Smile

Parents shocked after baby born beaming ear to ear – when doctors finally find out why, everyone falls silent

When Ayla Summer Mucha was born in December 2021, her parents were in for a surprise. The newborn greeted them with a huge smile spread across her tiny face. Initially shocked by this, Cristina Vercher and Blaize Mucha quickly fell in love with their adorable daughter, who has become a social media sensation worldwide. Ayla’s heartwarming smile has won the hearts of millions. Let’s dive into her incredible story!

The Muchas were overjoyed to finally welcome their baby girl into the world on December 30, 2021. However, during the C-section birth, the doctors had shocking news for the new parents. Ayla had developed bilateral macrostomia, a rare condition where the corners of the mouth don’t properly fuse together during pregnancy. Only 14 cases of this condition have been reported in medical literature, making it exceptionally rare.

The large mouth opening was a complete surprise to Cristina and Blaize, as it hadn’t been detected during ultrasound scans. The condition was obvious the moment they laid eyes on their baby girl. Both parents were instantly worried, as they had never heard of or met someone born with macrostomia. The situation was equally shocking for the doctors, who were unprepared to handle a baby with this condition.

It took several hours for the doctors to provide answers and support to the concerned parents. Cristina, haunted by fears that she had somehow caused her daughter’s condition, was reassured that she bore no blame for it. The family then shifted focus on helping Ayla live with her condition. Functionality challenges, such as latching and suckling, were addressed through medical intervention.

Determined to learn more about the condition, the Muchas took to social media to share Ayla’s story. They never expected the overwhelming amount of support they received. Ayla’s distinctive smile captured the hearts of millions of online users. The positive comments poured in, overshadowing the few hurtful ones. The family stood strong, emphasizing the importance of kindness and acceptance in the face of adversity.

Ayla recently celebrated her 2nd birthday and it seems that she has undergone successful surgery to correct her enlarged mouth. The procedure left minimal scarring, and the Muchas continue to share their experiences and favorite memories with pride. Ayla even became a big sister in November 2023.

We applaud the Mucha family for their resilience in the face of online hate and their commitment to sharing the beautiful Ayla’s journey. What do you think of this gorgeous family? Share your thoughts and spread this heartwarming story!