Barry Manilow Tops Elvis Presley’s Record for Las Vegas Residency

Barry Manilow, the legendary singer behind hits like “Copacabana,” has done something remarkable in Las Vegas. At 80 years old, he broke Elvis Presley’s record for the most shows performed at the Westgate Resort & Casino. On September 23, Manilow performed his 637th show, surpassing Presley’s previous record of 636 shows.

In honor of The King, Manilow generously donated all the proceeds from his 637th show to several charities. He even delighted the audience by covering some of Presley’s greatest hits. It was a night to remember, paying tribute to a music icon.

Presley began his residency at the Westgate in 1969 when it was known as the International Hotel. By 1976, he had already performed an incredible 636 shows. Sadly, his untimely death the following year cut short his record-setting run.

Manilow, on the other hand, initially performed at the Las Vegas Hilton (now the Westgate) in 1985. He then returned to the venue in 2005, performing until 2009. After a break from Las Vegas, he made a triumphant return in 2018. And now, after his 637th show, Manilow stands as the new record-holder.

In an interview before his historic night, Manilow expressed his gratitude for being mentioned in the same sentence as Elvis Presley. He recognized the immense impact Presley had on music and considered it a great honor to share the stage with him.

Despite the comparisons between the two iconic singers and their Las Vegas residencies, Manilow emphasized their differences. He acknowledged Presley’s role in inventing a style of music that was unique and revolutionary. In contrast, Manilow is proud to have innovated his own style with emotional ballads and captivating beats. He admires Presley’s fame and talent while acknowledging his own contributions.

Now that he has surpassed Presley’s record, Manilow shows no signs of slowing down. Instead, he’s aiming for another milestone: Donny and Marie Osmond’s record of 1,730 shows. Manilow continues to captivate audiences with his timeless music and energetic performances.

It’s truly astonishing to think about the number of shows Barry Manilow has performed in Las Vegas—over 630! If you’ve had the pleasure of seeing him, we’d love to hear your thoughts on his show. Share your experience with us!