A Unique Proposal

Once upon a time, a farmer was eager to sell his farm to a potential buyer. They strolled along the fence line, discussing the property’s features, when suddenly, the buyer’s attention was captured by a cluster of bee hives. Concerned, he voiced his observation, saying, “Those hives seem rather close to the road.”

Reassuringly, the farmer explained that the bees were harmless and had never once stung anyone. Nevertheless, the buyer remained hesitant about the purchase, until he came up with a rather unusual proposal. He suggested being tied naked to a nearby tree overnight. If he managed to escape without a single sting, he would gladly pay double the asking price. However, if he did get stung, he would acquire the farm free of charge.

Curiosity piqued, the farmer agreed to the proposition and securely fastened the man to the tree. As the morning sun began to rise, the farmer noticed the buyer leaning over, his face drained of color. Panic gripped the farmer’s heart as he thought, “Oh no! He must have been stung, and now I have to give away my beloved farm!”

Anxiously, the farmer approached the man and gently shook him, asking where he had been stung and if he needed medical attention. Gasping for breath, the naked man managed to reply, “No, no, I think I’ll be fine. It seems I have no choice but to pay you double for the farm… but by any chance, does that calf have a mother?”

And so, with a twist of fate, the salesman found an unexpected concern amidst his unique ordeal. Little did he know that this question would set another chapter of their story into motion.