Mother Discovers Mysterious Mess in her Home and Turns to the Internet for Help

Have you ever come across a strange pile of “brown bits” in your home and had no idea what it could be? Well, that’s exactly what happened to Kelli Tarin, a concerned mother who turned to the internet for answers.

Tarin shared a photo of the mysterious pile in a Facebook group called “Homemaking Tips”. She explained that she had found two similar piles in her daughter’s room and was desperate to identify what they were. The piles appeared quickly after moving into their new rented house and had a texture similar to shells, but looked like coffee grounds.

The image went viral, attracting over 9000 comments and 440,000 reactions from people trying to help Tarin. However, despite the overwhelming response, no one could confidently identify the mysterious piles. Many suggested it could be an ant nest or mice droppings, while others thought it might be the excrement of termites.

Image Credits: Facebook

Tarin decided to seek professional help and called two pest control companies. Surprisingly, even the experts were baffled by the mysterious piles and admitted they had never encountered anything like it before. This only added to the curiosity surrounding the situation.

Concerned for her daughter’s safety, Tarin made sure her daughter slept in her father’s room until the mystery was solved. She eliminated possibilities such as termites and roaches based on their droppings’ characteristics. In addition, she ruled out mice droppings due to her experience growing up on a farm.

Tarin diligently cleaned her entire house every day, but the mysterious piles only appeared in her daughter’s room. She mentioned that it took around two days for a new pile to form. Frustrated and desperate for answers, she contacted her landlords to inspect the problem.

Despite not finding a conclusive answer from the online community, Tarin expressed her gratitude for their support. Their encouragement helped her stay positive throughout this perplexing ordeal.

In a surprising twist, the mystery was finally solved. One comment suggested that a lavender bear belonging to one of Tarin’s children had burst, and the mysterious pile was actually the contents of the toy. Tarin remembered that a lavender blush bear was among the toys piled on top of the mysterious mess. She had discarded it, assuming it was infested. However, when she found the bear and examined it, she discovered a hole inside, confirming that it was the source of the mysterious pile.

In the end, Tarin was relieved to have solved the mystery, and she learned a valuable lesson about jumping to conclusions. Sometimes, the strangest explanations are the most accurate ones.