I Inherited 125K from My Deceased Grandpa

But My Mom Took All the Money Away from Me

An 18-year-old girl found herself in a difficult situation when she discovered that her mother had taken away the money she inherited from her deceased grandfather, which totaled about $125,000. The girl needed the money to fulfill her dream of attending college, but her mother had other plans for it.

The relationship between the girl and her parents had always been complicated, but it had worsened as she grew older. The inheritance from her grandfather only added fuel to the fire. When she tried to transfer the money to her college savings account, her mother refused to hand it over. Her mother believed that the money rightfully belonged to her because of everything she had done for her daughter over the years.

To make matters worse, the girl revealed that her mother had a history of stealing money from her. She would break into her room and take the funds that the girl had earned from participating in sports competitions. After calculating how much money her mother had taken from her over the years, the girl realized that she was owed a total of $250,000, including the inheritance from her grandfather.

Armed with evidence, the girl confronted her mother about the money she owed. At first, her mother was confused, but she quickly became defensive and started yelling. The girl remained calm and asked her mother why she wasn’t treating her siblings the same way. Her mother justified her actions by saying that as the eldest child, the responsibility fell on the girl to repay her.

Realizing that her mother was not going to willingly return the money, the girl took matters into her own hands. She copied all the evidence into a file on her computer and sent her mother an email threatening legal action if the money was not returned. However, after reconsidering her approach, she turned to the online community for advice.

The support from other Redditors was overwhelming. They assured her that she was not at fault and encouraged her to take the necessary steps to protect her interests. Many suggested seeking legal counsel to explore her options. The girl updated her post, informing everyone that her father was helping her retrieve the money. She had also opened a separate bank account to keep her finances secure.

In a shocking turn of events, the girl’s mother confessed to cheating on her husband and having five children from the affair. This revelation led to a lawsuit, potential criminal charges, and a divorce. The girl expressed her gratitude to everyone who offered their support and hoped that her father would gain full custody of his children.

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