Age is Just a Number: 107-Year-Old Runner Breaks World Record!

Great-grandmother, 105, breaks world record for fastest 100-meter run at US Senior Games

Meet Julia Hawkins, also known as “the Hurricane,” a 107-year-old runner who continues to defy her age and break records! Recently, she set a new world record in the 100-meter dash for her age group at the Louisiana Senior Games.

You may be surprised to learn that Julia didn’t start running until she turned 100. It was one of her children who suggested she try the 100-yard dash in under 100 seconds. And she did it in even less time than that! Since then, Julia has been unstoppable.

In the 2021 Louisiana Senior Games, Julia, a retired teacher, aimed to complete the dash in under a minute. Though she finished in just over 62 seconds due to the windy and cold weather, she still considered it a great achievement.

During the race, Julia was cheered on by some of her old students who are now in their 90s. It’s incredible to think that she taught them when they were fourth graders, and now they’re elderly themselves. Julia’s dedication and passion for running have left a lasting impact on those she taught.

Julia wasn’t surprised to win the title for the fastest 100-meter dash in the 105+ age category. She acknowledges that there aren’t many older individuals actively participating in such activities. When she started running, there were only a few women like her, just trying something different. But being a true athlete, Julia always managed to surpass her competitors.

Apart from her newfound passion for running, Julia loves spending time in her garden and with her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. She fondly remembers her late husband, Murray Hawkins, whom she married by telephone while he was stationed in Pearl Harbor during World War II. Their unique love story adds another layer to Julia’s remarkable life.

As Julia continues to age gracefully, she imparts her wisdom to others, encouraging everyone to seek out the “magic moments” in life. These moments are the rare sights we don’t often witness, like a beautiful sunrise, a breathtaking sunset, or a shooting star. Julia reminds us that we don’t need wealth to experience these wonders; we just need to be observant and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us.

Julia Hawkins with her great-grandchildren