Alyssa Milano Faces Backlash for Attending Super Bowl After Fundraiser for Son’s Baseball Team

Alyssa Milano, the beloved actress, found herself at the center of controversy recently when she attended the Super Bowl with her 12-year-old son. But this wasn’t just any outing for the mother and son duo. Just days before the big game, Milano had asked her fans for donations to support her son’s baseball team. And this didn’t sit well with many netizens.

The backlash began in late January when Milano shared a GoFundMe page and requested her followers to consider contributing towards her son’s baseball team’s trip to Cooperstown, New York. The fundraiser aimed to collect $10,000 for the 12U team, which Milano described as “diverse, hardworking, and really good.”

However, the criticism was swift, as netizens were quick to point out that Milano herself is worth a reported $10 million. Many questioned her decision to ask for donations, especially considering her husband’s profession as a CAA agent. Some users expressed nostalgic sentiments, reminiscing about the days when extracurricular trips were funded through creative endeavors like car washes, bake sales, and recycling drives.

Given this recent controversy, it’s not surprising that Milano’s presence at the Super Bowl did not go unnoticed. Internet users took to social media platforms, questioning why she could afford tickets to the biggest day in the NFL calendar while requesting money for her son’s team just days earlier. Comments flooded in, with one person asking how she could attend the game when she supposedly needed money to take her son’s team to Cooperstown.

Milano, however, was not one to stay quiet in the face of criticism. She responded with a strongly-worded statement, defending her actions and explaining the financial constraints she faced. Like many parents, Milano claimed that fundraising for their children’s sports teams is a common practice. She acknowledged that she would love to cover all the expenses herself, but unfortunately, she could not afford to do so. Milano also expressed her disapproval of critics targeting her son’s Instagram page, urging them to leave the kids alone and let them enjoy playing baseball.

As the debate surrounding Alyssa Milano and her son’s baseball team fundraiser continues, we want to hear your thoughts. Do you think she was justified in seeking donations, or do you believe she should have covered the expenses herself? Share your opinions in the comments below.