Jayne Mansfield: A Hollywood Superstar of the 1950s

Jayne Mansfield became a Hollywood superstar in the 1950s, being a provocateur of her time. She tragically passed away in a car accident in 1967 that also involved her three-year-old daughter Mariska Hargitay, in the vehicle at the time.

Luckily, Mariska made it out alive. Today, she’s also a well-known actress. And she’s the spitting image of her mother!

Mariska Hargitay, Jayne Mansfield

Many actors and actresses have to work for decades upon decades to reach Hollywood superstar status. It takes time, patience and a lot of will and sacrifice to make it to the top, but in the end, most celebrities would probably say it’s worth it.

Jayne Mansfield

Jayne Mansfield, however, needed only around 10 years to become a superstar.

She became one of the biggest sex symbol of the 1950s and 1960s, starring in several smash-hit movies.