Donald Trump Jr. Slams Special Counsel’s Decision

In a recent video, Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of the former president, criticized Special Counsel Hur’s decision not to recommend charges against President Joe Biden. Trump Jr. argues that the decision was politically motivated and aimed at protecting Biden.

Trump Jr. begins the video by questioning the purpose of the investigation, claiming that its conclusion was to cover for an “impaired” President Biden, rather than seeking justice. He emphasizes, “Just so we’re clear, folks, according to Special Counsel ‘this wasn’t a setup at all but really objective’ Special Counsel’ Hur, Joe Biden’s memory is significantly impaired.”

Continuing his critique, Trump Jr. highlights Biden’s alleged mishandling of classified information, which occurred during his time as Vice President when he did not have the authority to declassify such documents. Trump Jr. contrasts this with how former President Trump was treated for his handling of documents, which the Trump camp argues he had the authority to declassify and retain.

Expressing his views on the matter, Trump Jr. states, “This was eight years ago when he mishandled documents knowingly as a citizen – classified documents. That would be seriously illegal for anyone other than Democrat elites, ok? Trump gets to go to jail for like 700 years for, quote, ‘mishandling his own government’s documents that he had the full authority to declassify.’”

Trump Jr. further criticizes the situation on his X post, highlighting the irony of Biden being considered old and cognitively impaired but still being deemed fit to lead the free world and hold the nuclear football. He comments, “So Joe Biden is old & cognitively impaired (8 yrs ago) according to special prosecutor Hur, that’s why he won’t be charged for leaving classified documents all over the place. However, he’s still 100% ok to lead the free world & hold the nuclear football! Totally makes sense!”

To watch the video, click here.