A Dream Come True for a 75-Year-Old Renting Resident

Woman that’s been renting same home for years finds out deceased landlord left home under her name

Have you ever dreamed of turning your rental home into your very own? Well, that dream recently came true for 75-year-old Jane Sayner from St. Albans, Melbourne. Jane, who had been a tenant in a two-bedroom apartment for over twenty years, received the surprise of her life when she discovered that her deceased landlord had left the home under her name.

Jane Sayner

Jane’s fears of an uncertain future, such as possible eviction or increased rent under a new landlord, were put to rest when she became a property owner herself. She wasn’t alone in this fortunate turn of events, as another long-term tenant also received ownership of their apartment. Can you believe it?

This remarkable generosity was displayed by the late John Perrett, a multimillionaire who owned the properties. Despite his passing in September 2020, his legacy lives on through his kind actions. John chose to leave his properties to the tenants who had been loyal to him for many years, granting them a sense of security and stability.

Royal Melbourne Hospital

Behind John’s philanthropy lay a remarkable background. After receiving a life-saving kidney transplant, he accumulated an enormous fortune. However, he didn’t keep it all for himself. John made a substantial AUD$18.6 million donation to the Royal Melbourne Hospital’s Nephrology Department, as well as leaving one of his flats, sold for AUD$400,000, to the hospital.

Jane still vividly remembers the phone call that changed her life. It was John himself, informing her of his decision and saying, “My solicitor’s here, can you please give me your full name because I’m leaving you your unit.” Jane was taken aback by the incredible act of generosity, never daring to dream that this would happen to her.

While she mourns her landlord’s passing, Jane is grateful for having a place she can truly call her own. Throughout the years, she has poured love and care into the apartment, tending to the garden and planting beautiful flowers. Today, her efforts continue to bloom, bringing joy to her life.

Jane's Garden

This heartwarming story serves as a powerful reminder of the profound impact that kindness can have on someone’s life, regardless of their age. Jane’s experience inspires us to celebrate acts of love and generosity, and to share the joy with our own family and friends. Unexpected blessings can come our way, even in our later years.

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