Standing up against online cruelty

Down syndrome baby mocked by trolls for eating cake on her 1st birthday – let's show her our support

The world can be a bitterly cruel place sometimes. Prejudice still exists, despite our progress in condemning it over the centuries. Unfortunately, social media has provided a platform for bullies and harassers to hide behind the anonymity of a computer screen. And all too often, they get away with their hurtful actions.

Recently, a father from Merseyside, England, spoke out against the disgusting trolls who mocked a video of his daughter, Megan Gavin, who has Down syndrome, enjoying her first birthday cake. Commenters stooped to calling her derogatory names like “downie” and “retard”.

Needless to say, Megan’s proud dad, Scott, was appalled by these cruel remarks. In an interview with Metro, he expressed his initial anger but ultimately turned it into something positive. Instead of letting these ignorant comments ruin his baby’s day, Scott decided to educate those who perpetuate such hate.

“The love and I’ll do that by sharing pictures of Megan.” Scott said.

It is heartbreaking that Scott’s experience is not unique. Many parents of children with disabilities have faced similar abuse. It begs the question: Why do people insist on seeing those who are different as lesser?

These cowards who mock others would never have the audacity to say these hurtful things if they had to face the consequences in person. It is high time we condemn their actions and stand up against online cruelty.

Scott, we stand beside you, and we hope that Megan had a wonderful first birthday. Let’s come together to wish her a happy birthday and show our support for both her and her family. Share this article to spread awareness and condemn those who thought it was acceptable to mock Megan.