Embracing the Blessings of Family

A Remarkable Tale of Love, Adoption, and Miracles

Carrie and Craig Kosinski’s journey into parenthood took an unexpected turn when a long-lost family friend asked them to temporarily care for her infant twins. Little did they know that this simple request would forever change their lives. Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, until the twins became a permanent part of the Kosinski family. Adalynn and Kenna, as they were lovingly named, found a forever home in the arms of Carrie and Craig.

For this couple, who had always dreamed of having children, the path to parenthood was uncertain. The Kosinskis had faced countless disappointments in their attempts to conceive. It was only after seeking medical advice that they discovered the heartbreaking truth – Carrie’s severe endometriosis made it nearly impossible for her to conceive naturally. Devastated but undeterred, they turned to adoption as their path to creating a family.

When the mother of Adalynn and Kenna approached them about adopting her two younger children, Cece and J.J., Carrie and Craig faced a difficult decision. They weighed their desire to have biological children against the importance of keeping siblings together. In the end, their love for family prevailed, and they joyfully welcomed the younger twins into their home.

Life had a surprise in store for Carrie and Craig. Shortly after adopting Cece and J.J., Carrie discovered that she was pregnant. To their astonishment, they learned that not only were they expecting one child, but two! In the span of five years, they were blessed with three sets of twins.

While raising three sets of twins can be challenging, the Kosinski family embraces the chaos with love and gratitude. They have found support and financial assistance from kind strangers across the nation who were touched by their story. Through fundraising platforms like GoFundMe and AdoptTogether, the community rallied around this extraordinary family.

Carrie and Craig firmly believe that their family was destined to be. They see their children’s shared birthdays, all born on February 28th and March 1st, as a testament to a divine plan. Miraculously, their biological twins, Karraline and Clarissa, share the same birthday as their adopted siblings. It’s a beautiful reminder that love knows no bounds and that every child is a precious gift.

Today, the Kosinski family cherishes their unique journey. Each child brings their own personality and joy to their home. Carrie and Craig navigate the whirlwind of raising six children, knowing that their lives have been forever transformed by love and the blessings of family. Their story is a reminder that embracing the unexpected can lead to the most extraordinary adventures.

Join us in celebrating this incredible family and share their heartwarming tale. Together, let’s spread warmth and positivity, one story at a time.