Goldie Hawn Looks Ageless and Shares Secrets to a Happier Brain

Goldie Hawn, 77, looks ageless in new video and fans are all focused on one thing

Hollywood icon Goldie Hawn, at the age of 77, continues to impress fans with her timeless beauty. Recently, she shared a video on Instagram that caught everyone’s attention. Sporting her trademark blonde hair and smoky eye makeup, she wore a “Be Kind to Your Mind” t-shirt to promote the MindUp charity, which is part of the Goldie Hawn Foundation.

In the video, Goldie, a proud grandmother, discusses the importance of taking care of our minds. As a mental health advocate, she shares her four secrets to achieving a happier brain. One of her tips is simple but powerful: smile.

Goldie explains, “Even if you don’t feel like it, smile. When you smile, your brain smiles too. What’s happening in your brain when you smile, even when you don’t feel like it? It believes it has a happier brain, and we want to cultivate a happy brain!”

The video received an overwhelming response from fans, who expressed how Goldie’s smile always brightens their day. People thanked her for the uplifting message and shared their personal experiences of how a smile can make a difference in their lives.

Even Goldie’s famous friends joined in, including Ali Wentworth, who confessed, “When I see your face, I smile! And that smile makes me feel better!”

Goldie Hawn’s infectious smile has been a part of her trademark charm since she first captivated audiences on the 1960s TV comedy show Laugh-In. Throughout her career, she has brought laughter and joy to people with her movies and bubbly personality.

So, let’s take a lesson from Goldie and remember the power of a smile. It not only brightens our own minds but can also spread happiness to others.