Young Boy Is Called An Idiot At The Hair Salon

We often think of children as young, naive, and innocent, which adds to their charm. Sometimes, it can even lead to funny situations. Let me share a joke about a young boy who proves that he’s far from being an idiot.

One day, a seemingly poor boy entered a crowded salon. The barber, thinking he could make fun of the boy, bent down to one of his customers and whispered, “That kid is the most stupid child in the whole city! Just wait, I’ll show you.”

The barber pulled out a $100 note from his pocket and held it in one hand. In the other hand, he held two single dollar bills. He then said to the boy, “Here, boy, pick a hand. Which one do you want?”

The young boy carefully analyzed both hands and confidently chose the two dollar bills. The barber laughed and gave his customer a smug smile as the boy left. “That idiot never learns,” the barber remarked.

A short while later, the customer left the shop and saw the boy sitting in an ice cream shop down the road. Curiosity piqued, the customer entered the ice cream parlor and approached the boy. He asked, “Hello, young man, I have a question for you. Why do you always choose the dollar bills and not the $100?”

The boy paused his enjoyment of the ice cream, sat up with a smile, and replied, “The day I take the $100 is the day this game ends.”

Isn’t it amazing how kids can surprise us with their cleverness? This young boy taught the barber an important lesson that day. Never underestimate the intelligence of a child, because they might just outsmart you with their brilliant comebacks.