My Partner Found Out I Rent Out My Dad’s House and Wants Half the Money

An incredible story of a young woman and her boyfriend has been circulating on the internet recently. This 18-year-old woman, who was lucky enough to inherit a two-story house from her father, decided to turn the lower floor into a rental property. Little did her boyfriend know, she was secretly a landlord.

The woman didn’t mention her ownership of the building to her boyfriend when she asked him to move in with her. Their living arrangement seemed like the perfect solution at the time, as he had issues with his own living situation.

For three months, they lived together without him suspecting anything. The woman didn’t charge him rent or utilities, but they split the cost of groceries. However, this blissful arrangement was about to be disrupted.

One day, the woman’s tenant came by to inform her that the freezer had stopped working. Unbeknownst to her, her boyfriend overheard the conversation. When she went downstairs to assess the issue, the boyfriend asked for an update.

She explained that the freezer couldn’t be fixed and that she would be purchasing a new one for her tenant. It was at this moment that everything fell apart. Her boyfriend couldn’t believe what he was hearing and demanded to know why she would pay for her tenant’s freezer.

The revelation that she owned the building as a landlord didn’t sit well with him. He exploded in anger, accusing her of hiding the truth and labeling her as greedy. He even went as far as demanding 50% of the rental income or else he would leave.

Despite her apologies, the boyfriend continued to berate her, claiming that all landlords cared about was money. In the end, the woman made the difficult decision to break up with him, realizing that their views on finances were incompatible.

To ensure her safety during the confrontation, she asked her father to be present while they talked. Her boyfriend, still stubborn, demanded an apology and questioned why she didn’t want to share her income with him. However, she cleverly pointed out the contradiction in his argument, asking why he would want money from a supposedly “evil” landlord.

In the midst of the heated exchange, the boyfriend resorted to intimidation and threats. He even tried to punch a hole in the wall, failing miserably. Eventually, he stormed out of the house, never to be seen again.

The woman reached out to Reddit for support, and many users sided with her. They applauded her for making the right decision and advised her to change her locks just in case her ex-boyfriend decided to return the keys.

This cautionary tale highlights the importance of open and honest communication in relationships. It also serves as a reminder that financial compatibility is crucial for a successful partnership. In the end, the woman’s decision to prioritize her financial independence and well-being proved to be the best choice for her.

So, remember, dear readers, always be truthful with your partner about your financial situations, and never be afraid to stand up for yourself and your financial goals.