King Charles’ Brief Meeting with Prince Harry

The recent private meeting between King Charles and Prince Harry, their first face-to-face encounter since the passing of Queen Elizabeth, lasted only half an hour. This brief meeting holds a heartbreaking reason behind it. Prince Harry, who has been estranged from the Royal Family since moving to the US, immediately flew back to his homeland upon learning of his father’s cancer diagnosis.

Buckingham Palace announced on February 5th that King Charles has been diagnosed with cancer, less than two years after the death of Queen Elizabeth. Though the specific details of the type and stage of cancer were not disclosed, it was discovered during a routine procedure for an enlarged prostate. However, the BBC reports that it is not prostate cancer.

King Charles

As a result of the diagnosis, King Charles will be postponing his public duties for treatment. Buckingham Palace expressed optimism about his prognosis and assured that he will continue with his state business and official paperwork as usual. The King is grateful for the quick intervention by his medical team and remains positive about his treatment.

The news about King Charles’ cancer diagnosis comes at a difficult time, considering Kate Middleton’s recent hospitalization. Prince William, focused on supporting his wife’s recovery while fulfilling his royal duties, now faces the added challenge of his father’s illness. However, this series of unfortunate events could also create an opportunity for Prince Harry to mend some of the strained relationships with the Royal Family, given his prior criticisms alongside Meghan Markle.

In light of his father’s diagnosis, Prince Harry promptly flew across the Atlantic and headed straight to Clarence House for a meeting. King Charles, upon learning of Harry’s travel plans, made a significant decision to delay his own travel. Despite the circumstances, the meeting between father and son lasted less than an hour, as King Charles was exhausted from beginning his treatment the day before.


Roya Nikkah, Royal Editor for the Sunday Times, revealed that the reason for the brief meeting was King Charles’ fatigue due to starting his treatment. However, there is a possibility of a second meeting between Charles and Harry in the future.

Unfortunately, royal fans hoping for a reunion between Harry and his older brother William may be disappointed. Reports suggest that William has no intention of meeting Harry during his time in England. Nevertheless, Harry remains open to the opportunity should it arise.

We send our best wishes to King Charles for a successful treatment. If you’re interested in reading more about the Royal Family, check out the article below: