Are you tired of finding lint, hair, and fabric scraps stuck to your clothes after washing them? Well, here’s a simple trick that can help solve this problem.

Put wet tissue in the washing machine. Every home needs this trick this winter

Putting a sheet of wet tissue in the washing machine will bring amazing benefits. Let’s find out.

Benefits of washing clothes with wet tissue

In addition to its uses in washing hands and utensils, wet tissue can also help you remove lint from clothes. It will help absorb fabric scraps, lint, hair, dog and cat fur… stuck on clothes.

When you wash clothes, add 1-2 sheets of wet tissue in the washing machine. During the washing process, these wet tissue will absorb all the lint, fluff, and hair stuck on clothes.

To maintain effectiveness, you should replace the wet tissue with a new one each time you wash clothes.

To know for sure whether the wet tissue you have can be used well in the washing machine or not, you can try using your hands to tear them. If they are tough enough and difficult to tear, they can withstand the rotation of the washing drum.

You should use unscented tissue to ensure the smell of the tissue does not affect your clothes. If you want your clothes to have a pleasant scent, you should choose scented laundry detergent and fabric softener.

Some other notes when washing clothes by machine

Washing machines have many different modes, you need to choose the mode suitable for each type of clothes.

Before washing, sort clothes, separate colored clothes and white clothes, thin clothes and thick clothes separately. Each type of clothing will have a suitable washing mode to ensure effective cleaning and keep the clothes more durable. You should carefully read the user manual and see all control buttons on the washing machine before using it.

In addition, before washing, check all pants and shirt pockets to make sure you don’t forget any items in the bag. Sharp objects such as keys can damage clothes and can easily get stuck in the washing drum.

Each washing machine line will be suitable for a specific type of soap and detergent. You should carefully research information about cleaning products before deciding to use them. For example, washing liquid for top-loading machines or hand washing soap often has more foam and is not suitable for front-loading washing machines. You should choose a product specifically for front-load washing machines to ensure that soap bubbles do not leak out while the machine is operating.

During use, you should pay attention to cleaning the washing machine periodically to remove dirt in the machine, kill bacteria, and prevent mold growth.