Little Johnny’s Question About Dad’s Hair

Little Johnny sat at the breakfast table, his mind whirling with curiosity. Finally, he couldn’t contain himself any longer and turned to his mom with a question, “Mommy, why does Daddy have so little hair on his head?”

With a smile, his mother replied, “Well, dear, your Daddy thinks a lot. All those thoughts may have made his hair go away.”

Little Johnny pondered this for a moment before his curiosity got the better of him again. Looking at his mom’s beautiful flowing hair, he asked, “Then why do you have so much hair?”

Meanwhile, Little Matty was playing at the playground when he saw his dad’s car pass by and disappear into the woods. Intrigued, he decided to follow the car and see what his dad was up to. To his astonishment, he discovered his dad and Aunt Jane sharing a passionate kiss.

Matty couldn’t contain his excitement and rushed home to share his discovery with his mother. Bursting through the front door, he exclaimed, “Mommy, Mommy, I was at the playground, and Daddy and…”

His mother, wanting to hear the thrilling tale, gently interrupted him, urging him to slow down and share the story in detail.

Sitting at the dinner table, Matty’s mother asked him to share his exciting story. With eagerness in his eyes, Matty began recounting his adventure. “I followed Daddy’s car into the woods, and then I saw him kissing Aunt Jane. She helped Daddy take off his shirt, and then he helped her with her pants. After that, Aunt Jane lay down on the seat, and…”

At this point, Matty’s mother, trying to control her anger, interrupted him swiftly. “Matty, this is such an interesting story! Let’s save the rest of it for later, during supper time. I’m curious to see Daddy’s reaction when you tell it tonight.”

Matty’s eyes sparkled with anticipation as he eagerly waited for supper time to arrive. There was a mischievous grin on his face, knowing that his revelation would surely surprise his dad.

Now, let’s move on to supper time and find out Daddy’s reaction to Matty’s exciting discovery.