Jaden Smith Clarifies His Health on Red Table Talk

Months after the season two premiere of Red Table Talk, where Jaden Smith’s parents, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, expressed concerns about his health, the 21-year-old rapper wants to assure everyone that he’s “fine”. Despite the initial worries, Jaden wants to let people know that he’s doing well.

During the premiere episode, Jada mentioned that Jaden looked drained and depleted due to his overly-restrictive vegan diet. The family realized that Jaden wasn’t getting enough protein and intervened to help him. However, the attention received after the episode made Jaden reluctant to participate in the follow-up.

“People on the street started approaching me, asking if I was sick and offering me their food,” Jaden explained on the recent episode. “I want everyone to know that I’m good, I’m fine.”

The family laughed off the concerns expressed by others and focused on the results of their in-depth health test during the follow-up episode. While Willow, Jaden’s sister, expressed worries about being caught off guard by the results, the family learned small ways they can all improve their diets and overall health.

For Jaden’s particular case, Doctor Mark Hyman explained that his nutritional deficiencies stem from his sensitive stomach. By identifying the foods that he should and should not be eating, Jaden can easily fix his sensitive stomach and expand his diet. Dr. Hyman assured him, saying, “When you fix your stomach, your diet expands, you take a few supplements, everything’s back to normal. You’re gonna rock the world.”

Jaden’s appearance on Red Table Talk shed light on the struggles he faced with his health, but he wants everyone to know that he’s doing well and will continue to thrive.