The Surprising Reaction to a Simple Question

An Instructor Poses an Inquiry About the Human Body and One Student’s Reaction is Clever

In a sixth-grade classroom, an educator decided to test her students’ knowledge of the human body. Little did she know that her question would elicit a surprising reaction.

The instructor asked the class, “Who can tell me which human organ becomes three times larger when it’s stimulated?” This question was met with an unexpected outburst from Maria, who stood up and exclaimed, “How dare you ask such a question! I’m going to tell my parents, and they will have you fired!”

The educator was taken aback by Maria’s strong reaction but chose to overlook it. Undeterred, she posed the question again to the class, hoping for a more constructive response. This time, it was Thomas who confidently raised his hand and answered, “The iris in the human eye expands three times larger when it’s stimulated.”

Impressed by Thomas’ knowledge, the instructor commended him, saying, “Well done, Thomas. Thank you for providing the correct answer.” However, she couldn’t help but turn her attention back to Maria.

“Maria,” the instructor began, “I want to share three things with you. Firstly, it seems you haven’t done your homework. Secondly, your reaction reflects a misunderstanding. And thirdly, I fear that one day you may face great disappointment if you continue to approach challenges in this manner.”

The class fell silent, and the instructor used this teachable moment to emphasize the importance of open-mindedness, critical thinking, and respectful communication. It was a valuable lesson for both Maria and her classmates.