My Daughter Chose Her Rich Dad over Me, Now Asks Me to Take Her Back as He Kicked Her Out

A heartfelt story shared by a mother on Reddit has captured the attention of many. It’s about a mother who was left heartbroken when her daughter chose to live with her wealthy father instead of her. Years later, her daughter came knocking on her door, seeking shelter after her father kicked her out.

The mother had always done her best to provide for her daughter, but financial struggles made it difficult to keep up with her ex-husband’s lavish lifestyle. While the mother worked hard to stabilize her situation, her daughter was showered with material possessions by her father. This created a rift between mother and daughter, leading Maria to ultimately choose her father over her mother.

When Maria turned 17, a decision to drop out of school marked a turning point in their relationship. Arguments ensued, leading to Maria moving out and permanently living with her father. The mother tried numerous times to reach out to her daughter, but all attempts were met with rejection and hurtful words.

However, at the age of 21, Maria found herself in a difficult situation. Her father had remarried and she was no longer welcome in the house. Feeling desperate, she reached out to her mother, hoping to find solace.

Surprisingly, the mother welcomed the idea of living with her daughter again. But she set certain conditions that Maria had to meet before she could move back in. These conditions included getting her GED, finding a job, attending school to plan her career, contributing to household chores, and being responsible for her personal expenses.

While the mother’s conditions were seen by some as strict, they were intended to help Maria get her life back on track and build a better future for herself. Unfortunately, Maria reacted negatively, calling her mother names and storming off.

The mother turned to the Reddit community for advice and support. Many users understood the mother’s perspective and applauded her for setting boundaries. They believed that Maria was not truly seeking a relationship but rather trying to take advantage of her mother’s kindness.

Ultimately, the question remains: Was the mother right to give her daughter a list of demands in exchange for a place to stay? What would you do if you were in her shoes?

This story serves as a reminder of the complexities of parent-child relationships and the importance of setting boundaries. It also highlights the struggles faced by parents who strive to provide for their children while dealing with financial limitations.