A Wife With 7th Sense

A Man’s Fishing Trip to China

Once upon a time, a man received an exciting opportunity. His boss invited him to go fishing in China for a whole week, which could potentially lead to a promotion. Full of hope and anticipation, he called his wife and made a special request.

He asked his wife to pack enough clothes for a week and prepare his fishing gear. The plan was for him to leave directly from the office and swing by their house to pick up his belongings before embarking on this extraordinary fishing adventure. And there was one more thing – he asked his wife to pack his new blue silk pajamas.

Something Fishy?

The wife couldn’t help but notice that there was something peculiar about her husband’s story. However, being a loving and trusting wife, she decided to listen to him and do exactly as he requested. She diligently packed his clothes, set out his fishing rod and box, and even made sure to include his precious blue silk pajamas.

A Week Later

After a week filled with anticipation, the husband returned home. He seemed a bit tired but had a glimmer of satisfaction in his eyes. Eagerly, the wife bombarded him with questions, wanting to know every detail about his fishing trip – the experience, the catch, and everything in between.

To her surprise, the husband gleefully replied, “Yes! We caught lots of salmon, bluegill, and even a few swordfish!” But then he added, with a puzzled expression on his face, “But why didn’t you pack my blue silk pajamas?”

The Wife’s Cunning Move

Without missing a beat, the wife responded with a mischievous smile, “Oh, I did pack your blue silk pajamas. They are in your fishing box!”

A Happy Ending

The husband couldn’t help but chuckle at his wife’s cleverness. He realized that his wife had sensed that something was amiss with his fishing trip and had strategically hidden his silk pajamas in his fishing box. Although his plans had been foiled, he was grateful for his wife’s intuition and love.

In the end, they both had a good laugh and cherished the fact that even after many years of marriage, they still understood and cared for each other deeply. It was another reminder of the strong bond they shared.