A Mother Abandons Her Son, But Karma Comes Knocking

When a wealthy mother abandoned her son ten years ago, she never expected what would happen when she came back asking for money. But karma had other plans in store for her.

The story starts when Reddit user just_a_farmer_ turned 20 years old. His parents’ divorce ten years prior had left him scarred, especially after his mother and siblings abandoned him. So when his estranged mother showed up asking for money, he knew exactly how to respond.

According to the Redditor’s post on the “Entitled Parents” subreddit, his parents’ split was a tumultuous affair. The mother dropped a bombshell, revealing that his two younger siblings were not his father’s children after his dad caught her cheating. She left, claiming she had found a wealthier man who could give her the luxurious life she desired.

The Redditor’s father, a hardworking farmer, fought to keep the family together while managing his grandfather’s farm. The legal battle ended with the mother refusing custody of her husband’s son, effectively abandoning him for the next ten years. That is, until she realized he could be of financial help.

One morning, as the young man was feeding cattle, his father rushed into the feedlot with an angry expression on his face. Intrigued, he quickly hopped off the tractor, only to find his mother sitting in a brand-new Porsche. Her intentions were unclear, but her initial reaction to seeing her estranged son was one of disgust.

It didn’t take long for her to make her request. She expected him to give up the inheritance he received from his late grandfather. Initially, the grandfather had set aside $25,000 for his three grandchildren, but the mother’s revelation about the younger two having a different father changed everything.

After his grandfather’s passing, the young man’s father added some of his own inheritance to the pot, bringing the total value to around $93,000. The mother wanted her other two children to benefit from it. She argued that it would be fair for his sister to receive the money for her college expenses since he obviously didn’t need it.

But the young man stood his ground. He refused to help his sister and told his mother that she should rely on her rich second husband to provide for her daughter’s education. This ignited a heated argument between them. Finally, the mother asked him if he wouldn’t do “this much” for his sibling.

With a plan in mind, the young man quickly apologized to his mother, making her believe he agreed with her demands. He told her he needed to get his checkbook from his truck. Hurriedly, he left and returned with a smile, asking her to hold out her hand.

To her surprise, he dropped a handful of pennies into her outstretched hand. He had gathered them from the cupholder in his truck just moments before. Confused, the mother asked what it meant. He explained that he had given her the “little bit” she’d asked for.

Enraged, the mother threw the pennies in the air and screamed at him before speeding away in her car. She left the farm in sheer embarrassment, while her son and father watched her disappear.

But the drama didn’t end there. One day, the young man received an unexpected visitor at his door, his mother’s now ex-husband. He informed him that he had left her, realizing she was using him for his money. The breaking point was when she insisted on going to London and pressured him into buying airplane tickets. Instead, he surprised her with divorce papers.

The mother threatened legal action but had forgotten about the prenuptial agreement she had signed. Her children also faced the consequences of her actions. Her son worked for DoorDash and hustled to make a living, while her daughter resented having to work at Walmart and take college classes at the same time.

The ex-husband visited the Reddit poster to warn him that his mother might try to manipulate him into giving her money, as she had already been cut off financially. He also revealed that her car had been taken back by the dealership.

The Reddit community applauded the son’s story, praising him for standing up to his entitled mother. They expressed hope that karma had finally caught up with her and commended the ex-husband for breaking free from her clutches.

As the story came to an end, the son vowed to move on and focus on his own life, hoping that it would be the last update he would have about his estranged family.