Chinese School Principal Engages Students with Shuffle Dancing

Chinese School Principal Invents Genius Way Of Engaging Children

Zhang Pengfei, the principal of Xi Guan Primary School in China’s Shanxi province, has come up with a unique way to keep his students active and entertained throughout the school week. Concerned about the excessive screen time his students were spending on their phones, computers, and tablets, Zhang decided to teach them shuffle dancing during their break times.

Shuffle dancing, also known as “The Melbourne Shuffle,” is a full-body workout that originated in the 1980s. Not only does it help the students exercise more, but it also allows them to create popular TikTok videos. Since videos of Zhang and his students shuffling appeared on the internet in 2019, his approach to promoting physical activity and movement among children has earned admiration from many. It’s not only an effective solution but also incredibly entertaining to watch!

If you’re curious to see Zhang and his students in action, watch the video below. And don’t miss the second video featuring an interview with the dancing principal himself!