Timmy Comes Home Early And Walks In On His Parents, And The Explanation Gets A Hot Take From The Boy

This joke isn’t for the easily offended. Send it to any of the friends you know who aren’t sensitive.

One day, Timmy comes home early from school and walks inside to see his mom on top of his dad – both naked. Timmy is taken aback and doesn’t understand what he’s seeing.

The mom, realizing the awkwardness of the situation, quickly responds, “Timmy? Go to your room, I’ll be up in a bit.”

Confused, Timmy goes upstairs to his room. Later, his mom comes up and sits down next to him, wanting to address what he saw.

She asks, “Timmy, what did you see?”

Timmy, being honest, replies, “I saw you and dad naked, and you were on top of him, bouncing up and down.”

His mom needs to find a way to explain the situation without going into details right now, as she has to go grocery shopping. Then, an idea comes to her mind.

“Is that all you saw? Do you have any idea what we were doing?”

Timmy shrugs his shoulders and says, “That’s all I saw, and I have no idea.”

His mom proceeds to come up with a simple explanation, “Well, Timmy, when you get older like your father and I, you need to exercise. When your father’s belly gets too big and full of air, we get naked, and I go on top of your father. Then I push my hands on his gut, bouncing up and down to take all the air out and make him skinny again.”

Timmy starts laughing, finding the explanation amusing. His puzzled mother asks him, “What’s so funny?”

Still giggling, Timmy replies, “That’s not going to work! Every time you’re gone, the babysitter just blows him back up again.”

Laughs all around! I’m sure his mother wasn’t expecting to hear that response!