Lazy Husband! A Funny Story

Once upon a time, there was a husband who always found excuses to avoid helping his wife with household chores. One day, his wife asked him to clean the garden.

“Wife: Honey, can you please help me clean the garden?”
“Husband: Do I look like a gardener?”

Undeterred, the wife quickly came up with another task for him. “Okay then, fix the bathroom door,” she suggested.

Once again, the husband replied with a dismissive comment, “Husband: Do I look like a carpenter?”

Feeling frustrated, the husband decided to leave the house, thinking he could escape the chores altogether. However, when he returned later, he was surprised to find the garden cleaned and the door fixed.

Smirking to himself, the husband said, “Husband: I knew my wife would do this all by herself…!”

But his wife had a surprising reply, “Wife: No, it wasn’t me.”

Confused, the husband questioned her, “Husband: Then who could it be?”

With a mischievous smile, the wife revealed, “Wife: Our neighbor.”

Now, the husband was even more puzzled. “Husband: You paid him, didn’t you? How much?”

To his astonishment, the wife replied, “Wife: No, he just gave me two options, bread or sex.”

Caught off guard, the husband asked anxiously, “Husband: I hope you gave him bread?”

And with a hint of humor, the wife replied, “Wife: Do I look like a bakery?”

A funny story reminding us that sometimes, even the lazy husbands can be surprised by the actions and wit of their resourceful wives.