Tales of Cheapskates: Hilarious Stories of Extreme Frugality

When it comes to money, everyone has their own perspective. Some people enjoy spending freely on luxuries, while others prefer to save for rainy days. While being frugal is not a bad thing, being a cheapskate can certainly take a toll on one’s quality of life, not only for themselves but also for their loved ones.

Cheapskates find joy in getting things for free, no matter how small or insignificant they may be. If you’ve never experienced living with a cheapskate, you’re in for a treat. Here are some crazy stories shared by people on Reddit that will give you a glimpse into their unusual lifestyle.

1. How This Dad Scored a Free Bar of Soap with a Clever Trick

When this dad moved into his new house, he invited a guy over for a free demonstration of a water filter. During the demonstration, the guy used a bar of soap and left it behind when he was done. Little did he know, this was the start of the dad’s clever plan.

The dad called at least four other companies for free demonstrations, not because he was interested in installing a water filter, but simply to keep getting free bars of soap. It seems like his frugality is only getting worse with age, but his family has learned to let him do his thing.

2. Dad’s Attachment with Paper Towels

Some people take their frugality to extreme levels, and this story is a perfect example. This person’s dad has a habit of hoarding paper towels and has strict rules about using them. Even at the age of 21, they have to ask for permission to use a paper towel because the dad doesn’t want any wastage.

While visiting their house with their girlfriend, a mishap occurred where a gallon of milk was spilled. The girlfriend grabbed a whole roll of paper towels to clean up the mess, much to the dad’s dismay. The dad couldn’t express his frustration because he didn’t want to embarrass anyone in front of the girlfriend, but his face revealed his disappointment.

3. A Unique Approach to Saving Every Coin

Some cheapskates have their own unique approaches to saving money, and this story is a testament to that. This person’s dad goes to extreme lengths to cut costs. He hangs his clothes outside, even in freezing temperatures, to avoid using the dryer and save on electricity.

The dad also has a habit of going through the trash to find anything valuable that could be recycled or have monetary value. He even drives around town for half an hour just to find the cheapest gas prices. His frugality knows no bounds, as he often opts for the cheapest option and denies himself or his family the occasional treat.

4. Meet the Return Policy Maestro

Taking advantage of return policies is one way cheapskates find their savings. In this story, the person’s father took it to the extreme by returning an outdoor furniture set after using it for eight years. It was weather-worn and had a few broken pieces, but that didn’t stop him from returning it and using the refund to buy a new patio set from the same store. Unbelievable, indeed!

5. Unveiling the Frugal Achievements of My Grandmother

Frugality can be passed down through generations, as this person’s grandmother demonstrates. She had her own unique ways of saving money and getting the best deals. She would only use the good napkins, which didn’t have any restaurant logos printed on them, for special occasions. Going to restaurants was a strategic decision, as she would often get others to take her out to dinner as a way of returning the favor. Her enormous purse often returned filled with napkins and food from the buffet.

She had a knack for finding restaurants with a salad bar, refusing to go anywhere that didn’t offer one. The family even had to drive over an hour to find a Sizzler that hadn’t banned the grandmother. Her thrifty ways have worked well for her, as she hasn’t had to pay for a new appliance in over 60 years, thanks to the lifetime guarantees she takes full advantage of.

6. Rolling in Savings

Saving money on everyday items is a priority for cheapskates, and this person’s dad found a way to maximize savings on toilet paper. He discovered where shopping centers bought their giant industrial rolls and started using them at home. These rolls had the equivalent of three or four normal toilet paper rolls, and using them made the person feel embarrassed when friends visited.

7. My Grandmother’s Unbeatable Sears Lifetime Guarantee!

When it comes to getting the best value for money, cheapskates know how to make the most out of product guarantees. This person’s grandmother got married in the late 1940s and did their gift registry with Sears. Back then, Sears had a ‘lifetime guarantee’ on almost everything they sold.

Since then, the grandmother has moved houses multiple times, but she has kept every flattened box and warranty for every appliance they received as wedding gifts. Two years ago, she went to Sears to replace her iron and brought along all the original paperwork from the 1940s. To everyone’s surprise, Sears fulfilled the guarantee and gave her a brand new iron.

The grandmother’s frugality hasn’t just saved her money but has also become a family legend. It’s undeniable that her thrifty ways have left an impact on the struggling retail giant.

8. My Dad’s Budget Home Became a Renovation Adventure

For some cheapskates, saving money on major purchases often leads to unforeseen consequences. This person’s dad epitomizes the phrase “penny wise, pound foolish.” When it came time to buy a house, he ignored the overall quality and focused solely on the price. As a result, he ended up buying a low-quality house built in 1947, with no trim, interior doors, or kitchen cabinets.

While he may have saved $21k upfront, he has since spent way more on renovations and improvements. Sometimes, saving money in the short term can cost a fortune in the long run.

9. Beating the Heat on a Budget

Saving money on utility bills is a top priority for many cheapskates, even if it means enduring uncomfortable conditions. This person’s dad wouldn’t turn on the AC until the temperature exceeded 100°F. To keep the heat out, he used styrofoam pads with metallic foil on one end to block the windows and doors.

Additionally, their city had a natural spring, where they would collect water for free instead of using expensive tap water. While these measures may be extreme, they demonstrate the lengths cheapskates will go to save a dime.

10. The Unexpected Lottery Win from a Stingy Grandpa

Sometimes, being thrifty pays off unexpectedly. This person inherited a $30 gift card from their stingy grandpa, and even though they were going to give it away, they decided to use it themselves. Little did they know, the gift card was a special promotional item with an unclaimed million-dollar prize. The cashier and store manager were stunned by the discovery, and this person’s life was instantly transformed.

The valuable lesson here is that even a seemingly small and insignificant gift can turn into a life-changing fortune.

These are just a few of the many stories highlighting the eccentric and often amusing behavior of cheapskates. While their extreme frugality may seem unusual to some, it teaches us the importance of finding a balance between saving money and enjoying life’s little pleasures. So, the next time you encounter a cheapskate in your life, take a moment to appreciate their resourcefulness and enjoy a good laugh at their expense.

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