Principal Who Sacrificed His Life to Save Students in School Shooting Passes Away

It is with deep sadness that we report the passing of Principal Dan Marburger, who bravely put himself in harm’s way to protect his students during a school shooting in Iowa. Principal Marburger succumbed to his injuries after being one of the seven individuals injured in the tragic incident.

According to a heartfelt Facebook post from his daughter, Claire, Principal Marburger acted heroically to “distract” the shooter, giving the students a chance to escape. Claire lovingly described her father as a “gentle giant” who went above and beyond for his family. She shared how he would drive seven hours round trip on school nights to attend her college games, slipping her a $20 bill, offering words of encouragement, and embracing her before heading back home.

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds expressed her deepest condolences in a statement, acknowledging Principal Marburger’s selfless and heroic actions. She emphasized how he will forever be remembered for his courage in protecting his students, even at the cost of his own life.

In an update, it has been revealed that the shooter responsible for the tragedy was a 17-year-old student named Dylan Butler. The shooting, which occurred on January 4 at Perry High School, resulted in five injuries, including Principal Marburger, and the loss of a sixth-grade student. Butler took his own life after the attack.

Authorities investigating the incident have uncovered disturbing TikTok videos posted by Butler prior to the shooting. The shooter was found to have brought a pump-action shotgun, a small-caliber pistol, and an improvised explosive device to the school with the intent to harm his classmates.

CNN has reported that one of the TikToks shared by Butler showed him placing a backpack in a school bathroom stall with the caption, “Now we wait,” while the song “Stray Bullet” played in the background. This song holds significance as it was also referenced by the shooter in the infamous Columbine High School tragedy.

The incident at Perry High School took place just before classes resumed after winter break, causing shock and confusion among the students and staff. While the identity of the shooter had not been released as of noon on January 4, investigations continue to shed light on the tragic event.

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