Keisha Nash, Ex-Wife Of Forest Whitaker, Remembered With Love

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Keisha Nash, the former wife of Forest Whitaker. Keisha, who was married to Forest for 22 years, left us too soon at the age of 51. She passed away on December 7, leaving behind beautiful memories and a legacy of love.

Keisha Nash

Keisha’s youngest daughter, True Whitaker, took to her Instagram Story to pay tribute to her mother, calling her “the most beautiful woman in the world.” She shared heartfelt words, saying, “Goodbye, Mommy. I love you forever and beyond. Thank you for teaching me everything I know. I’ll see you in my dreams and feel you in my heart.” True also shared a black-and-white photo of her beloved mother.

Keisha Nash, Ex-Wife of Forest Whitaker

Keisha and Forest met on the set of the movie “Blown Away” in 1994. They fell in love quickly and got married in 1996. Together, they raised their own two children, Sonnet Noel and True Whitaker, in addition to Forest’s son Ocean and Keisha’s daughter Autumn from previous relationships.

True, following in her parents’ footsteps, is pursuing an acting career and has appeared in episodes of “The Godfather of Harlem” alongside her father. Sonnet Noel, on the other hand, is carving her path in the music industry.

Keisha’s Love for Family and Dedication

In 2008, Keisha opened up about her marriage and the challenges of balancing multiple responsibilities. She admitted that it was not easy to blend in with the crowd while she was in the spotlight. But despite the demands of fame, family always came first for Keisha.

Keisha Nash

She credited her nanny for helping to keep the children entertained in her absence. Keisha spoke highly of the nanny’s ability to connect with the family and said, “He can do everything. He teaches us hip-hop; he can pick out Manolos, hang with the soccer moms, and plan parties. And he makes a mean apple crumble!”

Keisha’s dedication to her family extended to Forest as well. She commended him for his unwavering commitment and how he would fly home, even for just a day and a half, to spend time with his loved ones.

Remembering Keisha’s Legacy

Keisha Nash’s passing is a tremendous loss, leaving behind cherished memories and a family who loved her dearly. Forest has yet to comment on her passing, but the outpouring of love and support from fans and media outlets is a testament to the impact she had on those around her.

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