A Clever Kid’s Observation

Mom and Dad thought they had a perfect plan to occupy their kid

Smart kid!

Bill and Marla found themselves faced with a common parenting dilemma. They wanted to have a quick moment alone on a lazy Sunday afternoon, but their 10-year-old son was at home with them. Determined to make it work, they hatched a plan – they would send him out to the balcony and ask him to report on the neighborhood happenings.

With their plan in motion, the boy took his place on the balcony and began his commentary.

“There’s a car being towed from the parking lot,” he said. “An ambulance just drove by.”

Curious, the parents eagerly awaited the next update.

“Looks like the Andersons have company,” their son called out. “Matt’s riding a new bike, and the Coopers… well, they’re having some private time.”

Mom and Dad jolted upright in bed, stunned by their son’s knowledge. The startled father couldn’t help but ask, “How do you know that?”

With a mischievous grin, the little observer replied, “Their kid is standing out on the balcony too.”

Such is the sharpness and curiosity of children, always aware of their surroundings. They manage to surprise and entertain us with their clever observations.

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