The Lesson from the Flying Kite

Once upon a time, a mother was flying a kite with her son by her side. The son carefully observed as the kite soared higher and higher into the sky. After a while, the son spoke up, expressing his curiosity, “Mom, it seems like the kite can’t go any higher because of the string.”

Hearing her son’s observation, the mother smiled and decided to teach him a valuable lesson. She gently broke the string, and just as expected, the kite shot up into the sky for a moment. However, within a short period of time, the kite lost its momentum and descended, landing on the ground. The son was filled with disappointment and sadness.

Sitting down next to her son, the mother calmly explained the deeper meaning behind their kite-flying experience. She said, “Son, this kite represents our lives. Sometimes, when we reach a certain level of success or satisfaction, we may feel that there are certain things, like our home, family, and culture, that hold us back. We might yearn to break free from these ‘strings’ and soar even higher. But remember, my dear, our home, family, and culture are the very things that provide us with stability and support at the greatest heights of our lives. If we try to break away from these essential aspects, just like the kite, we will ultimately fall down.”

This simple yet profound lesson resonates with us all. As we navigate through life, it is important to recognize the value of our roots and the people who contribute to our sense of belonging and purpose. Our family, home, and culture are the foundations that give us strength and nourish our spirits. While it is natural to desire growth and progress, let us never forget that our roots provide the stability that enables us to soar to even greater heights.

So, let us embrace the “strings” that tie us to our loved ones and our communities. Cherish the support, guidance, and love they provide, knowing that they are the very strings that help us reach for the skies and live a fulfilling life.