Raising a Unique Trio: Mom of 10’s Remarkable Decision

Mom who has 10 sons is raising her biological son and adopted twins as triplets

Alicia Dougherty, a mom from the UK, has captivated the online community with her extraordinary decision to raise her son and his adopted twins as triplets. With a heartwarming story that has gone viral, Alicia’s unique family dynamic has touched the hearts of many.

At the helm of her journey is Alicia’s TikTok page, aptly named the “Dougherty Dozen,” where she warmly invites the world to experience her family’s life. With her charming videos, Alicia shares the ups and downs of parenting her ten children – six adopted and four biological.

In one of her posts, Alicia reveals how she is raising her boy and his adopted twin brothers born in the same year as triplets. Regardless of their different races and heights, these siblings have been nurtured as triplets for most of their lives. Alicia firmly states, “Don’t tell them they’re not triplets or they will tear you apart.” The love and bond shared between these siblings is evident, transcending any differences and bringing joy to all who witness it.

Countless individuals and followers have expressed their admiration for Alicia’s unconventional approach. One commenter moved by their story states, “Doesn’t matter about the skin color, you can see how much love they have for each other… triplets for life.” Another adds, “Look how proud they are! Such beautiful triplets!” The overwhelming support and encouragement pour in as people rally behind the belief that these children can be whoever they want to be.

Unfortunately, Alicia has faced online criticism for her decision to expand her family. Despite adopting six children, providing them with a loving home and familial support, and caring for their behavioral issues and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD), she has endured mocking and negativity. However, Alicia remains resilient, emphasizing the importance of embracing happiness and being true to oneself. While acknowledging the negativity, Alicia brushes it off, recognizing that it stems from others’ insecurities and triggers. She is grateful for those who have shown kindness during the challenging times, assuring everyone that they are doing well.

On a lighter note, Alicia’s family has gained attention not only for their unique story but also for the sheer size of their weekly grocery runs. With a staggering amount of provisions, including 25 bananas, 12 pounds of chicken, and 191 bags of potato chips, Alicia’s weekly grocery bill comes to $1,094, amounting to approximately $56,000 annually. This fact has raised eyebrows and added an interesting twist to their already extraordinary tale.

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