North West Flashes New Grill After Kanye’s $850K Titanium Mouthpiece

North West, the 10-year-old daughter of Kanye West, is following in her famous dad’s footsteps by showing off her new diamond grills on TikTok. In a cute mother-daughter video shared by Kim Kardashian, North smiles wide to draw attention to her shiny new grills. The clip features Kim and North taking turns mouthing words and making silly faces, accompanied by the popular audio saying, “Remember and always remember your anxiety may be chronic, but my god it’s iconic.”

In another video, which has since been taken down, Kim shared a close-up selfie of North pulling her lip down to showcase her sparkling grills. The diamonds outline her bottom teeth and two top teeth, adding a touch of bling to her smile. This comes after Kanye recently got expensive titanium dentures, which cost a whopping $850,000.

There have been reports suggesting that Kanye had his real teeth removed to make room for the new grill. However, his dentist, Thomas Connelly, has set the record straight and confirmed that his real teeth are still intact. The dentures were reportedly designed by Kanye himself, drawing inspiration from the iconic James Bond character, Jaws.

Fans were shocked by Kanye’s new intense look, featuring razor-sharp incisors. The rapper was spotted grinning and laughing with his wife Bianca Censori and friend comedian Chris Rock outside the luxury hotel Chateau Marmont in Beverly Hills. During an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2010, Kanye previously claimed to have replaced his entire bottom row of teeth with diamonds. He mentioned that he thought diamonds were cooler and wanted to do something that rock stars are supposed to do.

The flashy dental work seems to run in the family, as North proudly flaunts her own diamond grills. The young influencer is clearly taking a bite out of her dad’s blinged-out style. With her dazzling smile, North is sure to turn heads and carry on Kanye’s legacy of making bold fashion statements.