Hey Brads, Chads, Dads, It’s Time to Relax!

It’s been four months since Taylor Swift started attending Chiefs games to support her boyfriend, Travis Kelce. We know there has been some noise about Taylor’s presence, but it’s time to let it go. Let’s not make a big fuss and just enjoy the game.

So, during the Chiefs versus Ravens game, we decided to keep track of how often the NFL chose to show Taylor in the suite. Is it really that much? Is it really that distracting? Or do people just need to move on?

The First Quarter: Just 10 Seconds

In the first 15 minutes of the game, Taylor Swift was shown for a mere 10 seconds. She was seen celebrating with her friends after Travis Kelce scored the first touchdown of the game. It was a moment of excitement, and she deserved to be happy about it.

The Second Quarter: A Total of 34 Seconds

In the second quarter, Taylor appeared for a total of 24 seconds, bringing the overall time to roughly 34 seconds. She was seen celebrating with the number 10 in the suite alongside others. Later, while promoting the Grammys, the NFL took a moment to show Taylor talking with her friends in the suite. She kept a neutral expression, knowing how people feel about showing too much emotion. Towards the end of the quarter, she was shown celebrating a Kelce catch, wrapping her arms around a nearby friend and smiling.

The Third Quarter: No Taylor Sightings

During the third quarter, Taylor Swift wasn’t shown even once. The focus was entirely on the game.

And The Fourth Quarter: Zero Taylor Time

Once again, Taylor Swift wasn’t shown during the fourth quarter. This means that throughout the entire three-hour game, she wasn’t given more than a minute of air time.

All of this goes to show that Taylor’s presence isn’t affecting the viewing experience for football fans. So let’s relax and enjoy the game. As Taylor herself says, “breathe in, breathe through, breathe deep, breathe out.” And get ready, because we’ll be seeing more of Taylor in two weeks.

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