Woman’s Gym Outfit Deemed “Offensive” by Staff

Gym Dress Code Incident Sparks Outrage on Social Media

A woman in California, Kerry Rose Schwartz, was shocked when she was confronted and dress-coded at her local gym for wearing leggings. In an attempt to expose the gym’s actions, Kerry took to TikTok to share her side of the story with her 153,000 followers.

According to Kerry, the staff at the all-female fitness center shamed her for wearing body-contour leggings while working out. She was called in for a “quick chat” by the gym owner, who stated that her outfit made other gym-goers feel “offended” due to the amount of skin she was showing.

“I was shamed at the gym for my dress code,” Kerry captioned her video on TikTok, expressing her frustration and confusion about the situation.

What made matters worse for Kerry was that she wore the same type of outfit every day and noticed that other women at the gym were dressed in a similar way. Being singled out in this manner caused her deep embarrassment, especially considering she had paid a premium to work out in an environment that advertised itself as a “safe space” with no judgment.

As someone who had previously dealt with body image issues and struggled with feeling comfortable in gyms, this confrontation triggered her past problems and caused significant distress.

“I almost felt shame even though I shouldn’t,” Kerry revealed.

For Kerry, finding a gym where she felt comfortable and enjoyed working out had transformed her life. However, this incident made her question whether her outfit choice was truly offensive.

What do you think? Was her outfit really offensive, or was she unfairly targeted by the gym staff? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.