North West Calls Out Kim Kardashian for Disrespecting Kanye in Public

'This is Kim's payback for not being a proper coparent with Kanye…': North West Humiliates Kim Kardashian For Disrespecting Kanye in Public - FULL VIDEO BELOW | HO - News

North West, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s 9-year-old daughter, has once again proven that she is as sassy as her name suggests. In a recent TikTok post, North humiliated her own mother for disrespecting her father. This isn’t the first time North has embarrassed Kim, but this time she took it to another level.

What did she do? Well, North posted an unedited picture of Kim Kardashian that exposed all of Kim’s forehead wrinkles, something she is known for editing out in her pictures. While it may not seem like a big deal, for Kim it was a humiliation.

This is a result of Kim and Kanye’s co-parenting issues. Little North is catching Kim on her behavior and calling her out, embarrassing her. If Kim starts to co-parent properly and the kids get to spend time with their father, we may see North’s attitude change. She deserves to hold Kim accountable, and hopefully, Kim learns this lesson and becomes a better co-parent.

Twitter Weighs In

Kim Kardashian still has a few years to go until her eldest hits the teenage years, but North is already giving her a taste of what’s to come. The internet had a lot to say about North’s behavior after a viral video captured a moment between the mother and daughter at an event.

In the video, Kim is seen talking to North on the “red carpet,” but North begins to walk away and raises her hand as she leaves. Many Twitter users criticized North’s behavior, calling her disrespectful. But some defended her, pointing out her unique upbringing and young age.

Just a Normal Pre-Teen?

It’s important to remember that North is just a pre-teen girl. Teenagers often give their parents attitude, and North is no exception. Kim herself has been caught on camera behaving similarly towards her own mother. So perhaps this is just a typical moment between a mother and daughter, blown out of proportion by social media.

Kim Kardashian is used to public scrutiny, and she’s likely unfazed by the latest outrage over North’s behavior. After all, there are much more important matters to discuss in the world than a brief interaction between a mother and her daughter.

Watch the full video below: