Maureen McCormick: From Addiction to Recovery and Finding Her True Love

Maureen McCormick opens up about journey from addiction to recovery

Finding true love used to require stepping out into the real world, but these days, dating apps have taken over. However, it wasn’t long ago when even celebrities had to put in the effort to find their soulmates. Take Maureen McCormick, best known for playing Marcia on The Brady Bunch, for example. At the age of 67, she recently shared her love story and how she overcame addiction and found the man she knew she would marry.

Maureen McCormick’s time on The Brady Bunch brought her fame from 1969 to 1974. However, after the sitcom concluded, McCormick faced personal challenges. Her struggles with drug addiction, periods of despair, and bulimia affected her acting career and personal life. Despite the setbacks, she found strength in learning and growing from her experiences.

During her battle with addiction, she attended a concert and noticed a man standing behind her. There was an instant connection as she looked into his eyes. McCormick recalls thinking, “This is the man I’m going to marry.” Determined, she started attending the same Bible studies and even chose to sit near him at church. She wanted to learn everything about him. And her efforts paid off when they went on their first date.

Their relationship had its fair share of challenges. McCormick’s struggles with addiction and sobriety made it difficult at times, but her now-husband, Michael Cummings, stood by her side. He made a life-long commitment to work through any obstacles that came their way. Cummings believed that McCormick’s childhood stardom had stalled her development, but their love and faith carried them through.

Despite their ups and downs, the couple has managed to stay together for nearly 37 years. They celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary on March 16th. McCormick credits their enduring love to their faith and the belief that their love is real and worth fighting for.

It’s truly inspiring to hear the story of Maureen McCormick and Michael Cummings, a celebrity couple who have weathered the storms of life together. Their commitment and faith serve as a reminder that love can conquer all.