Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet’s divorce

Jason Momoa makes shock claim about living situation after Lisa Bonet divorce

Sometimes, marriages just don’t work out. Many of us spend years getting to know a new person from the inside out, only for it to all come to an end. And this can bring on a lot of emotions. It’s no surprise, then, that many people choose to reinvent themselves or go through a transformation after a break up or divorce… Including Aquaman actor Jason Momoa.

In the aftermath of his emotionally charged divorce from Lisa Bonet, Jason Momoa has taken a bold and unusual approach to his lifestyle, opting for a humble living arrangement despite having the means to live luxuriously.

Momoa, 44, and Bonet, 56, were once a beloved Hollywood couple known for their private and discreet romance, which left fans curious about their love story. Interestingly, Momoa revealed that he first noticed Bonet on The Cosby Show where she played Denise Huxtable. He was instantly smitten and told his mother, “Mommy, I want that one.”

Their paths crossed at a jazz club in 2005 through mutual acquaintances, and it was love at first sight for Momoa. Describing the experience vividly on The Late Late Show with James Corden, he said, “I literally turned around, and I see her, and she goes, ya know, ‘I’m Lisa.’ I turned around to my friend, and I was like, ‘Ahhh!’ I had fireworks going off inside, man.”

This marked the beginning of their journey together, which led to starting a family (they have a daughter born in 2007 and a son born in 2008) and getting married in 2017. However, after 16 years together, their fairy tale came crashing down, and they announced their separation in January 2022, with Bonet filing for divorce in January 2024. By July of that year, they will be legally single.

Despite their differences in preferences, with Momoa leaning towards travel and adventure while Bonet prefers cozy activities, they maintain their commitment to their children and still have a lot of love for each other.

Following his separation from Bonet, the Game of Thrones actor made a significant lifestyle change by living in a van. This unexpected shift has surprised many, but Momoa embraces the simplicity and eco-friendly aspects of his new home.

Post-divorce, Momoa was occasionally seen residing in his camper van near his former shared home with Bonet and their children. This $750,000 Ford RV became a notable part of his life, often serving as temporary accommodation during his filming jobs away from home.

Living a nomadic lifestyle is not new to Momoa; he’s always had a spirit of adventure. In his pre-fame days, he embarked on an adventurous journey through Ireland with a friend, fully embracing the nomadic spirit.

Recently, he provided a glimpse into his van life through an Instagram post, showcasing the eco-friendly elements of his living space and even setting up a shower with a hanging showerhead on the van’s door. He strategically parks near a superstore for added convenience.

While Jason Momoa’s “van life” may seem unconventional, it aligns perfectly with his laid-back and carefree approach to life.

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