Home Delivery Hero: A Pizza Delivery Person’s Act of Kindness

She's Been Delivering Pizza To Him For Years. Once She Got A Peek Inside Her Jaw Hit The Floor

Angela Nguyen, a dedicated pizza delivery person, recently proved that her care for customers extends far beyond just delivering food. Little did she know that her weekly visits to 76-year-old Lee Haase would lead to a life-changing intervention. It was during a routine delivery that Angela noticed something heartbreaking about Lee’s living situation and recognized that he needed urgent help.

Angela shared, “He likes to order every Saturday. About 10:15 you are going to get an order from Lee.” It was through these regular interactions that Angela learned more about Lee’s life.

Following a terrible storm that caused significant damage to Lee’s house, he found himself unable to afford the necessary repairs. To make matters worse, he had also tragically lost his son in a snowmobile accident. Desperate and unable to live in his home, Lee moved into a small 12-foot camper without access to heat, plumbing, or electricity.

Moved by Lee’s plight, Angela’s daughter Sarah, who is also a delivery person, discovered his living conditions and shared the news with her mother. Angela was determined to make a difference. “We got to do something,” she insisted. “We can’t let a human being live like this.”

Angela first bought Lee a heater for his trailer and then took matters a step further. She launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise the necessary funds for Lee’s situation. The response was overwhelming. In just two months, Angela’s campaign generated a staggering $32,000, providing Lee with the means to purchase a new home.

Reflecting on the community’s extraordinary generosity, Angela shared, “Every single one of us enjoyed doing this. This ain’t all for Lee. We all benefited.” The impact of the fundraising campaign was evident as Lee received a fully furnished trailer and an outpouring of donations from caring community members.

Filled with gratitude, Lee expressed, “It’s wonderful. I’m so grateful for the people doing this.” The emotional impact of Angela’s efforts resonated with many viewers as they watched the heartwarming video. Commenting on the inspiring story, one person wrote, “This is absolutely amazing. It brought me to tears. What a wonderful community! God bless Lee and everyone who helped raise all that money!”

Another commenter couldn’t help but praise Angela, noting that despite her occupation, she chose to initiate a project to help a complete stranger. They shared, “Look at her… now you know what the face of an angel looks like!”

Angela Nguyen’s incredible act of kindness reminds us of the power we all hold to make a positive impact on someone’s life. Her determination to go above and beyond her role as a delivery person showcases the strength of compassion within our communities.