Cameron Diaz Returns to Set Amid Jamie Foxx Health Crisis

'Cameron Diaz Returns to Set Amid Jamie Foxx Health Crisis'

Cameron Diaz has come out of retirement to join Jamie Foxx on the set of their upcoming Netflix film, Back In Action. The actress was spotted filming in Atlanta, looking tense as she listened to the crew’s directions. Diaz, who was makeup-free and wearing pale pink glasses, filmed scenes alongside Foxx’s fill-ins, rehearsing fight scenes just feet away.

During his hospitalization, Foxx’s scenes are being shot with stand-ins, while producers scramble to wrap up production. The star had eight scenes left to film before his unexpected medical emergency. Although it is unclear whether the director will scrap Foxx’s remaining scenes or revise the script to accommodate his absence, filming is expected to conclude this week.

Foxx’s health scare remains a mystery, but sources have shared that he is now communicating and doing better. The actor even has been joking with family members who rushed to his side.

In the midst of the crisis, Diaz found comfort with her teenage co-star, McKenna Roberts, who was seen embracing her on set. The two were photographed reading lines and discussing the script. Despite the absence of Foxx, the team is determined to continue shooting and bring the film to completion.

The article discusses Cameron Diaz’s return to the set of Back In Action after Jamie Foxx’s hospitalization. Diaz, who came out of retirement for the film, was seen looking tense on set as she filmed scenes with Foxx’s fill-ins. The article mentions that producers are working to wrap up production despite Foxx’s absence and that Diaz found comfort in her co-star McKenna Roberts. It is mentioned that Foxx is now communicating and doing better, although the cause of his health scare remains unknown.