A Misunderstood Note

The woman had reached her breaking point with her husband’s constant delays. Fed up with the relationship, she made a bold decision and left a note informing him of her intentions to leave. Hidden behind the bed, she anxiously awaited his response.

Minutes turned into an eternity as her husband finally arrived home. He made his way through the kitchen and into the bedroom. Peeking out from beneath the bed, she watched as he approached the dresser and picked up the note she had left. There was a moment of hesitation as he read it, followed by the sound of a pen scratching against paper.

Her heart raced with excitement, and she held her breath as he reached for the phone and dialed a number. Who could he be calling? What did he have to say? She strained her ears, desperate to catch his words, but all she could discern was a hint of a smirk in his voice. As he hung up the phone, the woman realized she may have acted too hastily.

Weeks of waiting culminated in her finally packing her bags and heading out the door. Her husband, burdened with a heavy heart, couldn’t wait to see his lover and feel her touch once again. The anticipation built inside him as he dialed her number, his mind filled with images of her beautiful body draped in a stunning French nightgown.

Their love was intense and profound, and he was willing to do whatever it took to please her. Softly, he spoke into the phone, declaring his love and expressing his eagerness to see her. It was evident that he was on his way to meet his mistress.

Grabbing his keys, he hurried to be with her, his mind racing with all the wicked things they would do together. As the call came to an end, she heard the sound of the car driving away. Emerging from beneath the bed, she was overcome with anger, tears welling up in her eyes.

Curiosity compelled her to read what he had written on the note. To her surprise, it said, “I see your feet. We’ve run out of bread. I’ll be right back.”