Outraged Customers Cancel Disney+ Subscriptions After Watching a Controversial Scene

Disney’s streaming service, Disney+, has faced intense backlash from outraged customers for featuring a scene in the 1994 comedy movie, Blank Check. The scene in question involves an adult woman sexually molesting an eleven-year-old boy, sparking controversy and anger.

In this controversial scene, Preston Waters, played by Brian Bonsall, is sitting on a bench when a thirty-something FBI agent named Shay Stanley, portrayed by Karen Duffy, approaches him. Outraged viewers have labeled it as “the most awkward scene ever,” criticizing Disney for allowing such a depiction.

While Blank Check had fallen into obscurity for years, it gained attention from a cult following fascinated by the theme of child molestation. Disney+ subscribers were shocked to find such a sexualized depiction of a young boy on the platform. This adds to the existing criticism against Disney for allegedly hiding sexual innuendos in their famous animated films.

The outrage regarding the scene in Blank Check was initially brought to light by TikTok user Rob Anderson. In a video, he expressed his disbelief at what Disney+ was showing to children. The video captures his shocked reaction to the romantic kiss between Preston and the FBI agent and their agreement to go on a “date” in the future when he is older. Anderson’s post garnered significant attention and sparked a conversation about the inappropriate content.

Disney’s decision to include Blank Check on Disney+ drew widespread condemnation. Viewers shared their shock and disbelief on social media platforms, expressing their concerns about the scenes involving a preteen boy and an adult woman.

However, it’s important to note that the controversy surrounding this scene highlights a broader issue in the film industry, where inappropriate content involving minors often goes unaddressed. Movies like Blank Check contribute to the normalization of adult-child relationships and may inadvertently influence real-life situations such as inappropriate relationships between teachers and their students.

Thankfully, whistleblowers like Rob Anderson play a crucial role in exposing big corporations and institutions for their questionable actions behind closed doors. Subscribers and viewers have taken to Twitter to voice their shock and disappointment with Disney’s decision to include Blank Check on its platform.

“Watching Blank Check on Disney+ has left me speechless. The notion that an eleven-year-old child goes on a date with a grown woman, culminating in a kiss on the lips! The 90s were truly wild,” one person wrote.

“I’m genuinely surprised that Disney+ chose to feature Blank Check. The love interest in the movie is a grown woman who goes on a date with and kisses a pre-teen boy! The 90s were truly wild,” another Twitter user expressed.

The controversy surrounding Blank Check highlights the growing demand for increased awareness and scrutiny of content that may perpetuate harmful narratives or normalize inappropriate relationships. Subscribers rightfully expect family-friendly and appropriate content when using Disney+, promoting a safe and enjoyable environment for all viewers, regardless of age.