Rod Stewart’s Heartwarming Family Photo

Rod Stewart poses with his 7 children and newborn grandsons in rare family photo — see the rock star's family

At 78 years old, Sir Rod Stewart is not only a rock legend and a sex symbol, but also a proud grandpa. With a family as large as his, it’s no wonder he has his hands full.

The “Maggie May” singer is the father of eight children by five different mothers and recently became a grandfather of three, with two grandchildren born just days apart in May. And fans were treated to a rare glimpse of this amazing family when Stewart posted a heartwarming photo.

The photo was shared by Stewart’s daughter, Kimberly, and it was taken during a family gathering in Spain. In the picture, Stewart is surrounded by his wife, Penny Lancaster, and most of his children: Sean, Ruby, Renee, Liam, Alastair, and Aiden. Also present are his newborn grandsons, Louis and Otis, the sons of Liam and Ruby respectively.

It’s worth noting that seven out of Stewart’s eight children were present in the photo. The only one missing was Sarah Streeter, his first child whom he had put up for adoption. However, they have since reconciled, although she wasn’t able to attend this particular family gathering. Also missing from the photo was his granddaughter Delilah, born to Kimberly and actor Benicio Del Toro in 2011.

The family photo is a touching display of love and togetherness. It’s obvious that Stewart is proud of his large family and cherishes every moment he spends with them.

The Stewart clan has had an eventful year, especially with the arrival of not one, but two grandchildren in May. Little Otis was born on May 9th, followed closely by Louis on May 12th. In fact, Louis’ middle name, Roderick, is a nod to his famous grandpa. It’s clear that Stewart is actively involved in his grandchildren’s lives, even helping to reveal Otis’ gender and singing a special song for him.

Rod Stewart couldn’t contain his joy and took to social media to share pictures of himself holding the newborns. It’s heartwarming to see the love and happiness radiating from the rock legend.

Rod Stewart’s family is truly beautiful, and this photo is a testament to that. It’s wonderful to see him surrounded by his kids and grandkids, creating lasting memories together. If you’re a fan of Rod Stewart, please share this heartwarming story with others.