Jamie Farr: Finding Happiness and Success Through Faith

Jamie Farr looks 'great' at 88 and says prayer changed his life

Jamie Farr, the beloved actor known for his role as Maxwell Klinger on the hit series “MAS*H”, has had his fair share of ups and downs in life. But it was his faith and the love of his life that brought him true happiness and success.

A Humble Upbringing and Strong Moral Values

Before fame and fortune, Jamie Farr grew up in a low-income family where his parents instilled in him strong moral values. His parents, who ran a grocery store, taught him the importance of helping others, including the homeless in their neighborhood. Jamie’s father would often make sandwiches for the hungry people who stopped by, refusing any form of repayment.

A Boy with a Dream

Growing up in Toledo, Jamie faced ridicule from his peers because of his distinct nose. But it was his unwavering faith in God that led him to pursue his dream of becoming an actor. He believed that God had called him to entertain and help people through his performances.

From Minor Roles to Broadway

Jamie’s hard work paid off when he landed minor roles in films like “No Time for Sergeants” and “The Blackboard Jungle”. He later attended acting classes at the Pasadena Playhouse, hoping to improve his skills. His dedication eventually led him to make his Broadway debut in a production of “Guys and Dolls”.

A Dark Period and a Praying Man

After his initial taste of success, Jamie’s acting career hit a roadblock. Feeling disheartened and unsure of his future, he turned to God for guidance. Constantly attending church and praying for answers, Jamie felt desperate for a breakthrough.

The Answered Prayer

Just when Jamie thought all hope was lost, an opportunity came knocking. A major studio was producing a movie about the life of Jesus, titled “The Greatest Story Ever Told”, and Jamie saw it as a chance to be part of something meaningful. He fervently prayed and sent in a reel of his performances, hopeful for a role.

A Humbling Experience

Initially rejected for the film, Jamie felt lost and disheartened. But in a surprising turn of events, the studio changed its mind and offered him a role. It turned out that the character he was chosen to play was Apostle Thaddeus, whose full name was Jude Thaddeus – Saint Jude, the figure Jamie had been directing all his prayers to. This experience left him feeling humbled and grateful.

Love, Marriage, and Success

Despite being a struggling actor at the time, Jamie proposed to his fiancée, Joy Richards. With the newfound success and financial stability that came with his role in “The Greatest Story Ever Told”, Jamie was finally able to marry the love of his life. The couple tied the knot in 1963, with Jamie feeling that St. Jude, the patron saint of lost causes, was his best man.

A Beloved Role and a Happy Life

Jamie’s most memorable role as Maxwell Klinger on “MAS*H” brought him widespread recognition and success. He was finally able to provide for his family and enjoy the fruits of his labor. Now 88 years old, Jamie looks back on his life with joy and gratitude. As he once said, “I do so enjoy life that I’d hate to leave it.”

Jamie Farr with Family
Jamie Farr with his family

In conclusion, Jamie Farr’s journey from a low-income family to Hollywood success is a testament to the power of faith and perseverance. Despite facing challenges along the way, he never gave up and found happiness in both his personal and professional life. His story is a reminder that with faith, anything is possible.